All The Death Stranding Trailers In One Place. (In 4K)

If like me, you’ve not been keeping up with all the latest from Kojima Productions and their newest and wildest venture: Death Stranding worry not because I’ve compiled all three trailers here for you to enjoy.

Although we have no set release date yet, Kojima has mentioned that it would be before 2019 so I’m guessing a late 2018 release but only time will tell it seems.

This first trailer for the Playstation exclusive title was released back at E3 2016 to a cheering and very perplexed crowd. Starring Norman Reedus, it seems that Kojima was keep to maintain their workplace partnership going after the death of Silent Hills at the hands of Konami. (Note: this trailer is the only one out of the bunch that isn’t in 4K)

Then the next trailer released confirmed that Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal fame was to feature in the game alongside Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus.

And finally we have the latest, longest and by FAR the weirdest trailer yet. Released on 7th December this trailer features elements of the previous two but as it’s considerably longer it gives more of an insight into what the game may entail. Though try as you might apparently even Mads Mikkelsen himself didn’t understand the concept of the game whilst filming for his role within it.

Turn off the lights and crank up the volume, this amazing trailer is practically a short film.

There we go, I for one am glad I waited this long because watching 20 minutes worth of those trailers back to back have me sufficiently worked up for the release of what’s almost certain to be a literal game changer.

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